Fishing and Equipment

fishing gear

The first time I went fishing, I was a little girl. My dad liked to take me out in the river near our house to catch fish. He had a fly rod but I had this little pink princess pole I think he thought was cute. I secretly just wanted a grown-up pole, but I was too little! He taught me all about flies and how we attach them to the end of our lines to attract fish. Combined with a gliding motion on a fly rod, the flies help us catch fish! It felt so great to catch fish and eat it for dinner. Who needed McDonald's when we had salmon to eat from a campfire?

a woman fishing with sunglasses

I lost touch with fishing for a while, but my friend reimagined my love of fishing for me when I was in college. He took me out fishing all the time and taught me new tricks. I was big enough for a real fishing pole, so I bought one! No pink princesses for me. That's when I decided to make fishing a full-fledged hobby. Sadly, fishing is expensive. You have to buy a lot of gear. Waders, boots, special socks, no-glare sunglasses, flies and pole...the list could go on and on! But it's so worth the money when I catch a nice fish in the mountains on a camping trip. Being outside fishing is the most relaxing I can think of. It clears my head and makes me happy. And for that, I'll pay any price.

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